12/09/18 03:20AM
The ADF’s yarn feeders are completely independent with the carriage
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The motorised vertical feeder movement replaces the demand to swing or swivel the particular feeder in complex knitting situations plus eliminates wasteful feeder kick-back through carriage movement.

Direct feed has been said to not only lower yarn tension but equalise yarn tension as that carriage moves back and forwards resulting better quality fabrics.


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04/09/18 03:44AM
The Milan based company designs and produces smooth socks
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Small diameter knits can be used not only in warp knitting machine medical devices like catheters but to knit items which are implanted into the body, like stents and arterial grafts.

According to the company, with the new website this aims to offer brands a simple way...

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28/08/18 04:06AM
The newcomer to Knitting unit companys RD product range
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It only takes 0..THE circumference control system, which functions using DNC control, guarantees a uniform beam build“The technical features bringing about this exceptional performance profile include efficient computer control skin color operating conditions, starting/stopping and managing phases, and perfectly harmonised creel techniques, delivery units and synchronised...

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21/08/18 05:50AM
A stable velvety fabric is produced using a fluffy layer
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GB 1 works the underlap, GB 2 and GB 3 produce the ground from polyester filament yarns and work a plain close to a counter notation tricot design. Another factor here is the equipment already available in the plant.

Microfibre yarns are often included in this process to enhance the soft feel plus the silky, velvety appearance. GB 1 produces the underlap...

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14/08/18 10:05AM
These features ensure a considerable increase in productivity
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Other important advantages resulting from the employment of this composite are 16% much less investment costs and 26% lower energy consumption belonging to the air conditioning system, according that will Knitting machine company.

These features ensure a considerable increase in productivity, according towards the company, and the rotational machine speed...

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